Tuesday, 1 September 2015

How Social Media can Help Your eCommerce?

Social media plays a crucial role in today’s times. Almost every potential customer is hooked to this platform. If the purchasing habits of the potential customers are taken into account, social media plays a crucial role. The Comments, Shares & Likes on a particular product update prompt the potential customers to purchase.
If you are running your own eCommerce site, here are some simple ways to leverage the power of social media to build your customer base.
  • Use Social Sign-ins: Social sign-ins allow you to build your brand visibility amongst your visitors. It will also allow you to engage with them beyond the ‘sale-purchase’ level to build a lasting relationship.
  • Choose your target audience: Social media allows you to target specific geographies and specific age groups. This can help you in targeting your product effectively to increase sales.
  • Use Images to highlights products: One of the most popular social media feeds are the images that you post on your timeline. Images that highlight the strong points of your brand go a long way in influencing customers that a description alone will not do. Use of Infographics is another good way of highlighting your brand.
  • Have conversations: It’s good to have your brand on the social network but trying to hard-sell it is not the right way to lure your customers. Instead, start conversations that subtly refer to your brand. No one likes to be sold especially on very personal platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Link your social media feed to your website: User generated content can be used as a testimonial that can help convince the future buyer. So, linking your social feed with your portal does make a lot of sense.
  • Be Regular: Social media is slow poison. It takes time to see actual results but you have to be consistent with all the updates and listen to your followers closely.
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