Monday, 14 September 2015

How Responsive Web Design Can Be Helpful For Your Website

In this era of competition, if you fail to impress your visitor, you may lose a customer or an honest follower. Your website needs to be good enough to impress them. And you must note that, the website performance matters as much as its content and whereabouts. The ability to change layout of the website according to the mobile screen is a very great factor that governs whether a visitor would stay or not. Before going explain how it affects your website, first let’s have a deep insight on what it is.

Responsive design refers to an ability of a website to change its layout, images and other features like moving text and motion images according the visitor’s gadget screen. A website is designed to work on almost every device irrespective of the screen size they have. The code used for layout respond to the screen size of the device, and thus, gives the feature its name; responsive design. The feature reduces the extra effort to make a separate site for small screen users and smartphones. By this, the multiple URL issues have become non-existent. By this, applying SEO has become an easy job for the professionals.

How it helps your website?

The main function of your website is to gather customers and gain as much revenue you want to. Responsive design helps you to get that goal. You can observe the change if you have responsive design activated on your website URL. It affects a certain website in many ways. Let’s have a look on those factors.

Layout and homepage

The layout of the website should be easily loadable and the text should be proper visible. If the visitor is not able to read the text, what’s the point in that? Homepage should be strictly about your website motive, and not too heavy to load. If you’re planning to make your homepage in flash supported format, then don’t make it bulky, just keep it right, so that the original purpose f the website doesn’t get affected. Also, it should be correctly loaded in smartphones also. By activating responsive design on the website, you can easily make every layout user-friendly, and content of the website won’t look scattered, if surfing from a small screen gadget.

Lots of websites are now shifting to it because of its number of advantages. Responsive design is must in today’s world as most of the users are from smartphones and tablets. You can’t ignore its influence once you have activated it.

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