Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Building a Successful Website: Start Small and Listen

Developing a website is one thing, making it live is another. In this article, we will explain how to start with a new website, develop and support it over time.

If you want to launch a unique website, then your aim should be to create something that people are happy to see and use. You can then begin to use additional features based on what users actually want and need, rather than on what you think they want and need.

In this article, based on my own experience, we will describe how it is possible to launch with a really small website and grow from those small beginnings by listening to your customers.

First decide the features of the Launch
You might be starting small, but you need to draw the list of features that will make up your small but perfectly formed website offering, something that people would be happy to pay for because it brings them value as is.

When you start, a million ideas come to mind. So many features and possibilities, but we have to keep it that simple with the ideal user in mind.

Launch the website with confidence
With your website developed, you should launch with confidence. You might have had a million features listed that you wish your website had, but your users don’t know that. An advantage of getting to launch quickly is that you can test whether all of those things are true before spending any more time.

After the people get aware and start using the website you’ll soon start to get suggestions and requests for features, and you will probably be surprised by some of them.

Listen to the users who will’s to use your website
There will be many people who will be keen to tell you exactly what you should build for them. The person becomes a regular user and feels reasonable for asking for the service and features that they would expect as a permanent user.

Keep on updating the website
You should constantly add and remove the content from the website. Try solving out the errors if any left. Keep on checking the browser compatibility issues as different browser’s keeps on updating.

Often users ask for a feature that doesn’t compromise the core use case and is fairly specific but very quick to develop. In that case, we do enjoy being able to quickly pop it into the next dot release and letting them know it is there. One of the best things about working on your own website is being able to delight people and do those unexpected things that help people out.

Starting small and focused, with a clear idea of who your ideal user is and the core features your website consist, is a great way to get a new website live. As your website matures, keep your ideal users in mind and speak with them will help to ensure that you continue to serve your target market, rather than attempt to please everyone. By adding features deliberately and thoughtfully, you will delight existing users and make the website useful to a wider market, while staying true to your goals.

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