Friday, 25 September 2015

5 Social Media Management Company Secrets To Make Business Easier

Social media management can be the most crucial element to drive business, but often one of the most difficult. This is largely due to the wrongful mind state of thinking that throwing a pretty picture with some content on a business page is a job well done. Managing your brand on social media requires posting the right content, on the right social media channels, at the right time. Use these five secrets of a social media management company success to boost your social media goals and time efficiency.

Social Media Auditing

Every aspect of your business should have an auditing process and your social media channels are no different. You should conduct frequent audits of your social media campaign to ensure efficiency. Conducting an audit every six months or so is a good way to help you check which social media platforms, recruitment strategies and posts are working and which are not working for your brand.

The first step to any audit should be coming up with a list of all the platforms on which your brand has an active social media presence. Then, make sure your social business pages have the highest quality of images available to represent your brand on each platform. For example, business networking giant LinkedIn now allows users to post higher resolution photos for logos. If you haven’t updated your profile picture in a while, your logo might look dated compared to your competitors who are keeping on top of the changes.

Once your profiles are updated, it is time to measure key metrics, including engagement, traffic driven to your website from each platform, reach and your current rate of growth. Finally, you should evaluate your KPIs on each social media platform to determine where your future efforts could be focused most effectively. Key Performance Indicators are used to evaluate how effective individual elements of your social media campaigns are contributing to the business’ bottom line.

Twitter Lists

Twitter Lists are one of the most powerful tools available to social media marketers around the Web. These lists allow you to sort people you are following into easy-to-manage groups that are organized according to key demographics. Lists are essential when it comes to managing contacts, tweeting relevant content and evaluating the effectiveness of your social media strategy. You should have a list of competitors you are following to stay up-to-date as well as lists of potential and current clients you can target with specific tweets.

How Much to Post and When to Post It

Planning when to share content is just as important as planning what to share.  Longer posts work better on LinkedIn while the Facebook audience prefers shorter posts. As a general rule on Twitter, you should be sharing 20 percent of your own original content and 80 percent of content shared by other reliable sources. Tools such as Rival IQ will tell you the average social activity among your competition. You always want to make sure you’re posting as much as your competitors or even more if your budget allows.

Setting A Social Budget 

The biggest mistake you can make when it comes to Internet marketing is failing to set aside a budget dedicated solely to social. Social media will grow to a $14 billion industry by 2018, a figure that heralds the end of free social media. In fact, most platforms now limit the audience of social media marketers who are unwilling to spend money on advertising. By investing in your social media platforms, your brand is allowed the proper social media exposure to be effective. 

Testing  Your Social Strategy

Like many other aspects of marketing, social media campaigns are often based on trial and error. Analyzing the data can make this process as efficient as possible while saving time and money over the long term. Set a time frame for testing new strategies and then for analyzing their effectiveness. From posting frequency to the type of content you post, you should test frequently and liberally. Using KPIs as a guide is often the easiest way to determine how much interaction you are getting out of the content you post.

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