Saturday, 13 August 2016


Approaching your web design strategy, as you are bombarded with countless options and needing to ensure that your customers can use your site easily and that it embodies your company image – sounds overwhelming, doesn’t it? 

We have compiled a short list that can assist you in narrowing your focus and seeing what options you have – laid out easily, with advantages and disadvantages, this list can help you quiet your mind and approach your design strategy with more information and clarity. 

Static Web Design 
This type of design is delivered to the user exactly as it is stored, displaying the same information for any viewer. They are often HTML documents stored as files and made available by the web server. This type of design is ideal for websites that do not need to be updated frequently (or even at all) – since maintaining many static pages can be time-consuming and perhaps even impractical, any static site will often remain simple and contain few pages. 

Advantages: Quick and inexpensive to develop, and cheap to host. 
Disadvantages: Requires web development expertise to update the website, the simplicity makes it not as useful for the viewers, and content can stagnate. 

Dynamic Web Design 
Websites that are constructed and controlled by an application server. In the scripting and coding, every new web page is set up and predetermined. Interestingly, the content of this type of website is always updating by itself based on the content of the database that drives it. Many larger websites focus on this design, coupled with CMS. 

Advantages: Website restructuring is easier (ensuring longevity), website contributors only need basic skills (no need to be an expert to make modifications). 
Disadvantages: may be more expensive for smaller companies 

CMS (Content Management System) 
Website These pages allow for publishing, editing, and modifying content (as well as organizing, deleting, and general maintenance). CMS sites are ideal for blogs, news sites, and retail companies! This form of design has two basic elements: CMA (content management application), which is the user interface that allows even beginners to modify content without intervention from an expert; the second, CDA (content delivery application) compiles that information that the user inputed and updates the site – basically, making the process smooth and intuitive. 

Advantages: Security, SEO-friendly, dynamic content and easily integrate-able with social media, as well as giving users the control. 
Disadvantages: Hosting can be expensive, some systems need constant server maintenance and must be upgraded consistently with any software changes. 

Ecommerce Web Design 
Exactly what it sounds like – the best option for businesses who run their stores online. Typical characteristics include online payment accessibility for products and services, with integration for Paypal or other options. These types of sites are usually dynamic and driven through databases. 

Advantages: Low operational costs, convenient for customers (which will then contribute to an expanded customer base), minimal barriers to entry for any new companies. 
Disadvantages: Inability to experience products before purchase, need for internet connection (though this may not be an issue for the majority of users), constant updating and site maintenance to ensure that the UX (user experience) remains top-notch.


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Friday, 12 August 2016


For the past few years, responsive design has been the talk of the industry. Many people have predicted that it would be the industry standard. Fast forward to today and you’ll see that they were right. Most design and development firms offer responsive design services and the most reputable websites use this format to cater to their mobile audience. Responsive web design, however, has come a long way and is better than ever. Here are some new developments that will surprise you. 

Responsive Images 
One of the big issues with responsive was that dealing with images was tedious. An image that was created for desktop users would be too big for mobile users and take a long time to load. It was also annoying to try to scale the size to the screen of the devices. Fortunately, there are many tools, plugins, and technology that can help you optimize your image sizes, automatically adjust to the mobile user, and customize how your images appear. 

Conditional Loading 
Conditional loading is a feature that makes people often think “why didn’t they come up with that earlier?” Rather than loading all the elements of a website at once, it only loads when needed. For example, do you really need to load social media buttons before the user has reached the bottom of the screen to share your content? Conditional loading only loads elements when relevant which makes the whole mobile browsing experience faster and seamless. 

Responsive Typography 
Typography is very important today, especially in the responsive design era. Typography in design not only makes you stand out from other websites, but also makes your website more consumable by users. The right typography really does make the text pop and draw people into reading the content. With many websites now using custom or unique typography, it’s becoming important to make sure that the text comes out correctly on all devices. Proper optimization is necessary to ensure that your typography makes its impact. 

Use of Grids for Layouts 
Previously, designers used position and float to create layouts. Now using the responsive grid system is becoming more commonplace and a better choice for developing responsive sites. This system makes it easy to place as many columns on your layout, ensure that your layout scales to the screen size, and run seamlessly with your HTML and CSS code. 

Use of Client-Side Device Detection 
Through an API There are now services that use an API to get information from users. It will see if the device of the user has a touch screen, check for calling capabilities, calculate bandwidth speeds, detect the browser being used, and so much more. With this information, you can make certain that most of your users are being served the best possible browsing experience on their mobile device. 

This is just scratching the surface. There is a lot more being discovered, developed, and optimized for the responsive format. With each passing month, website owners are able to create a better mobile browsing experience for their users. 

Thursday, 11 August 2016


In recent years the use of mobile handsets for web browsing and communication has gone from being commonplace to being ubiquitous. More online searches are made using hand held devices – not to mention purchases – and the development of systems and websites that are mobile friendly has become paramount in the industry. Furthermore, the rapid increase in the use of tablet computers means that websites must also be tailored for use on smaller screens as well as standard sized displays, and this is where a professional design and development company like 3KITS comes into the picture.

At 3KITS we have been at the forefront of website and software solutions in Hyderabad, India for 8 years, and we take great pride in our reputation for excellent service and professional, quality solutions. We have followed the transition from laptop to hand held devices along the way, and have kept up with the latest developments at all stages of the industry. We can help you with bespoke applications for mobile use, online payment systems and more, and we have a range of solutions to help you and your industry operate more efficiently on the move.

Being able to cater for customers who need to search when mobile is essential, and ensuring that you have an active, responsive website that is suitable for use on mobile phones is also essential. 3KITS has the expertise and experience to help you ensure that your clients are catered for in the best possible fashion, we promise excellent, friendly service at competitive rates, and we ensure that you get exactly what you need from our service. To keep up with the latest developments in software solutions and website design you need to talk to 3KITS, so give us a call right now and see how we can help you keep on track.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016


The world of online business and website design has come a long way in the past couple of decades; put simply, if your website was designed a few years back and has not been updated since, the chances are you are lagging behind the opposition. One area you seriously need to attend to is that of smartphones; nowadays hand-held devices are most-used when it comes to browsing the internet, so you need to be compatible. At 3KITS we have been designing and implementing custom websites for a variety of clients for some time, and we believe we can help you.

Why choose 3KITS for your web design requirements? Because we offer a truly bespoke service at sensible rates, and we will make sure you give you exactly what you need, and within the budget and time-frame agreed. We can work with you on a simple CMS site or a complex shopping portal, and our expertise shines through in all areas of our service. We operate put of Hyderabad, Telangana, India, so we have access to businesses across India, and we promise that you will be impressed with our service.

We have clients ranging from well-known brands to individuals, and we can work in a variety of customized websites, plus we are up to date with fully responsive website design and are more than happy to talk to you about any specific requirements you may have. At 3KITS we take great pride in our attention to detail, and we promise you will find our team friendly and professional at all times. For more information, visit our website, or why not get in touch and one of the 3KITS team will be able to help answer any questions that you may have.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016


Your website is an important part of your business, and modern website design is a long way removed from even as recently as ten years ago. These days, websites need to be compatible with hand held devices such as smartphones and tablets – which are the most used devices for browsing – so if your site is more than a few years old it may not be compatible. At 3KITS we have the expertise and experience to help, as we are a leading name in website design and development in Hyderabad.

3KITS has been working in the website design and development field for more than 8 years, and over that time we have helped many satisfied customers with websites and many other areas of IT solutions, and with impressive results. We are proud of a reputation as a market leader in the field, and believe we have a team that enables us to provide excellent solutions in every case. We can handle any job, no matter how large or small, in whatever area of business, and we also provide solutions for individuals looking for up to the minute website design.

At 3KITS we take great pride in ensuring you get a great looking, effective website solution at a price that you can afford, and we understand how important your website is to you. We will talk in detail about your requirements so we understand exactly what it is you need, and attention to detail is something we specialise in. We’re here to help with the most up to the minute bespoke website designs, and we’re ready to work with you and bring you up to date. For more information, or to talk to one of our team, get in touch right now, and we’ll be more than happy to help.