Sunday, 19 October 2014

Why SSL is important for SEO and your business website?

What is SSL?

SSL expands as Secure Sockets Layer refers to the technology that establishes a secure connection between a web server and a browser and provides a complete assurance that the data exchanged between server and browser remain private and integral. It is a certification to your website that assures business owner and users about the security of their encrypted information. On August 6th, 2014 Google announced the introduction of some changes in its search engine giant’s algorithm that explicitly refer to the security of the site. The announcement includes that the website with HTTPS feature will get better ranking than the others. It is a clear signal to the online business owner that Google is being more precise and concerned about the safety and security of user’s information on browser.

Why do we need it?

SSL the other name of this introductory certification technology refers to the security of the information in the online world. Google has provided assurance to the website owner about the safety of their website content.. Because of the hacking cases that occurred in the previous few months, online business owners are now more concerned about the safety and security of their website. To provide a protective shield against hacking attacks, a protective coverage is required for every website to protect the website content and other features. The need of SSL can only explain with the help of an example that occurred recently with a real estate company website. Recently a real estate website gets hacked, and it drastically affects the ranking of the website in eth Google Search engine. Before hacking the website ranks at top 3 positions for most of the prominent keywords. After hacking website, showed some irrelevant content on the search engine page that can hampers any of the business reputation ad status in the industry. And in the present case the site is not even ranked in the Google first page. It is a clear example that signifies the important the site security.

What will be happen after installing it.?

After installation of the SSL certificate, few points needs consideration:
Open website under HTTPS, not under HTTP. In some cases when you open website using HTTP it will some warning message. The SSL certification is compatibility with both HTTP and HTTPS. The error controlled at the server level. The solution of the problem changes with as a web server changes such as for an apache web server, Windows web server, requires setting of the SSL compatibility in different ways.
Installation of SSL certificate followed by DNS change of website domain’s A Record. It is an essential step that needs to be done right after the SSL installation. Even without making change with the DNS setting it is possible to open a website using cached DNS information. After, spending few hours with the DNS setting your site is ready to open without facing any error. If you face any problem with eth SSL certificate directly contact your website hosting service provider for solution. The SSL problem can be easily and quickly solve and you enjoy a running a secure web site with a boost up in Google ranking.

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