Friday, 31 October 2014

Three Tips to Managing Business Growth

When overlooking multiple tasks and figuring out how you will simultaneously complete them all, we often let a few things stand in our way of success.

If you’ve ever hit a road-block in your work load I encourage you to consider the following steps to get back on the path of success!

Ask for Help
Sure, everyone loves an awesome, independent worker. But more often than not people either don’t ask for help when it’s needed, or wait until it’s too late.

Why not make it a best practice to avoid this?

Even if you feel like your question isn’t a good one, you’ll feel more confident in your projects outcome when you ask. It only makes sense right? You’ve made a commitment to a task, therefore it’s also your responsibility to ask questions when you identify an issue or you need a quick answer. I feel like I’m asking all sorts of crazy questions sometimes! But I also know that the team and I bring real problems to the table that need help and collaboration to solve.

You also want to ask your questions as early into your project as possible. This avoids backtracking, duplicating efforts, or starting over rather than making minor adjustments. Most importantly, recognize that asking for help only assists in developing you and your professional maturity, rather than showing any signs of weakness.

Learn to Deal with Difficult People
We naturally separate ourselves from personalities we aren’t compatible with, difficult people, and disagreement. Believe it or not, disagreement can be good for your business. It’s healthier conversation when you and others are identifying more issues that someone else may not have thought of; they are only viewing the issue from a different lens.  

You can’t control who your next client will be. There is no avoiding communicating with the client, and you certainly can’t hide from problems that arise. My advice is to tackle it straight on; get your questions and their questions both on the table so you can find common ground and identify what really needs to be done. Take the necessary actions to correct the situation.

Frequent communication with your client can go a long way; it boosts their confidence in what you and your team are helping them accomplish. Just because there is disagreement, doesn’t necessary mean they are a difficult person. We all understand ideas, concepts, or the way something is done a little differently. With the right attitude, dealing with someone you deem to be difficult will only enhance the feeling of accomplishment when a project comes to an end!

Don’t Fear Failure
You may try multiple approaches before you get one strategy to stick. It might feel like failing but when you find the right solution, you must realize you wouldn’t have gotten there without the bumpy road. This may seem like more of an obvious life lesson, but it truly is something to take into consideration on each project you work on. It takes courage and builds character for you and your business to overcome obstacles when you don’t succeed the first time around.

To take this to the next level, when you are networking challenge yourself to explore how others have overcome failure as well. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn from others and be pro-active about a mistake you may make in the future.

At the end of the day, you will be remembered for how you overcome solutions, not the problem itself.

When you begin a new project, remind yourself of these tips to quickly overcome issues and kick start you and your team’s mentality to accomplish another successful project. Getting ahead of these issues can only lead to a successful business or agency that produces great work.

Remember to ask for help, focus on what you can control, and don’t let a difficult person stand in the way of accomplishment. The only real failures are not learning from the first ones!

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