Friday, 3 October 2014

Blog Comments As A Link Building Strategy

So my earlier post Incoming Links – The Most Important Factor in SEO leaves no doubt that it is the number of backlinks to your site and their quality that determines how you fare in your online SEO strategy. We discussed a few of the techniques that SEO experts employ to get these backlinks. One of them is Blog commenting. Though everyone is aware of what is it, however, I will go one step ahead and explain it for the layman or for the uninitiated.
There are millions of blogs out there and every blog has a comments section after each post. If it does not have a comments section, then in all probability it may not be a blog. Of course, the blog owner may choose to have the comments turned off but majority of the blog owners would want to interact with the users and would want legitimate comments on the topics or subjects they write on. Usually the comments section has four fields; name, email, url, and a field for your comments. The fact that comments section contains a website address field is indicative that it is a lure for the user to leave a worthwhile comment and in return get a backlink to his or her site. It is a win-win situation for the blog owner and the user really. They both benefit from this mutual beneficial association. The blog owner gets traffic and readership and in return the user is awarded with a worthwhile link back to his site.
Though this sounds incredibly simple, it is not so in reality. An average blog with moderate traffic would receive thousands of comments but don’t be surprised to know that majority of it is nothing but spam. So ultimately it never gets approved. Most users are in such hurry to leave comments on as many blog as possible that they don’t even bother to read the post and write a pre-scripted garbage or bunch of spam links which never gets approved and waste their time and the editors as well. Worthless comments will only get approved in a worthless blog, so such a backlink is going to be of inferior quality and worthless too. Spam is a big nuisance today and must be avoided at all costs.
The best approach is to genuinely read the article in question and then leave a worthwhile thought or feedback that other community members can benefit from. Reading an article of your interest not only enriches your knowledge but puts you in a position to give back to the community in terms of valuable feedback or input which in turn help others. I have personally seen that blog owners or editors have an inclination towards approving of comments and try their best not to remove or delete a comment. But most of the comments are spam of the lowest quality, either a pre-scripted text or bunch of links to the commenter’s sites. Now, how do you think someone is going to approve that?
Also be aware that too much spamming can also get your domain permanently banned on a network like WordPress. So any future comments from you, however legitimate, will automatically get deleted by spam detecting software like Akismet or Disqus Comment System.
Blog commenting is a very effective means of getting quality backlinks, however, as explained above, it has to be done right. Whatever, opinion SEO experts may have on this; this technique is used throughout the seo world to get good quality back links. And the best thing about these links is that, when done right, you get quality backlinks absolutely free. You don’t have to pay anything to get these linkbacks. It is a good idea to get backlinks from as many domain names as possible. Free blogs hosted on WordPress or Blogger usually end with a or domain, so getting thousands of backlinks from these domains would essentially mean getting back links from two domains only. And you may be thinking that you are getting backlinks from thousands of different blogs. This is a lot less effective than getting backlinks from different domain names. So look for blogs that are hosted on their own domain rather than the ones that are not.
Blog Comments is a very effective means of getting back links when done the right way. And please remember not to spam.
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