Saturday, 27 September 2014

Why Your New Website Should Be Responsive

I am going to write this article for the benefit of those who are looking to get a new website designed in the very near future and want the best for them. I will try to answer the question, why your new website should be Responsive. Of course this is also going to help those who are still not aware of what Responsive Design is all about. Yes, I say still, because of the hype and buss that has surrounded this new technology; it is very probable that you have already heard of it. Even if you have not, do not despair; I will explain in a very non technical language what it is and how it can help you.

PC Sales Declining – What Does It Mean For Your Business

So why do we design websites? The ultimate motive is to reach out to as many people as possible and deliver the message that we want to get across to them. Isn’t it? It is also true that it is the first time that PC sales are going down then the previous year. More and more people are now buying products that can replace their PC like tablets, and iPads and using them to go online and surf the net. They are also buying devices that smartphones, iPhones and other devices. And if more and more people are starting to use other devices, shouldn’t your website also be accessible on these devices?

Regular Websites Do Not Work On All Devices

Unfortunately, most websites do not open so beautifully on these devices as it does on a PC; simply because these sites were designed to work on a PC. One simple option would be to build a mobile version of your website targeting a particular device. But the number of devices is just too many, and new ones are getting added to the list of existing ones really fast. The devices also differ significantly in terms of screen width, resolution, and orientation. So the challenge for designing for every screen is huge and is not a practical solution to the problem.

Responsive Web Design Has The solution

Ethan Marcotte who has written a book on this new technology, has a very interesting article explaining the Fundaments of Responsive Web Design. It is an interesting read, if you haven’t got the chance to read it already. It talks about “responsive architecture”, responsive design, media queries etc.
So how does Responsive Web Design solve our problems? Well, with this relatively new technology, you no longer need multiple websites targeting multiple devices. You just need one website that adapts to the device on which it is being viewed. It does so with the help of fluid images and smart use of CSS media queries by determining the width and resolution of the device. The website changes layout, resizes images and adapts quite magically on all devices.

Why Is It Important – Why Website Should Be Responsive

This relatively new technology is being called the future of the web by many. It is a paradigm shift akin to the transition from table based layouts to CSS, which made a huge impact on the web design industry.
It is estimated that within the next few years, there will be more people online using mobile devices than those using PCs. Therefore, it makes sense to be where your customers are, otherwise, you lose out on business. If your website is Responsive, your customers can easily access it using any device they like. Your website will adapt to the different screen sizes to always present an optimal view of the website that requires the least amount of panning, scrolling, zooming etc.
Checkout the prices we offer for Responsive Web Design; it is within reach of everyone now. On average, 90% of all our new customers are demanding a Responsive website for them. So the demand for this is quite high, which is quite understandable given the benefits of having one compared the cost of owning one.