Tuesday, 30 September 2014

How Can A Business Benefit From Blogging?

Today I am going to talk about blogging as a marketing tool for businesses. Whether you are an individual running a one man show or a big business house, the need to effectively communicate with your user has never been greater than today. It is the need of the day to communicate with your users or potential customers. You need to know what the customer is thinking or what his or her needs are. There has to be a way to allow both way communication between the business and the customer. Blogging can be a means to gap that bridge and fill up the void that exists between the business and the customer.

Creates Backlinks
One of the not so obvious reasons for blogging is that it helps in SEO. This may very well be known to a SEO expert or a SEO company, but in my opinion, not so well known among most of the people who either run or own a business. A layman would fail to understand how a blog could help him reach out to many new customers or do better in search rankings. When a business writes expertly on a subject, they are proving that they are the subject matter expert in that field. Let us take an example of a maths tutor, a small business run by an individual. If that individual shares his or her knowledge in a blog giving mathematical solutions to common problems that students are looking for, then suddenly that blog becomes a hit with those students. Those students are not only going to keep it to themselves, but rather share it with their friends and on their blogs too. Many will bookmark the site; some will share it on Facebook and some on Twitter. This creates natural backlinks and the more back links you have the better you do in search rankings.
Weave a Community Around Your Business
Another major benefit that accrues from long term blogging involves creation of a community around your business. When you offer something valuable, people would naturally want to be associated with you. They would want to know what products or services you are coming up with, if that is what you do. If you are a subject matter expert and write regularly on your blog, people would want to follow you so that they can learn more on that subject from you. Over a period of time this creates a community of people around your business who are actively following you and are willing to listen to what you have to say.
A respectable amount of people following you on social media could translate into good amount of money for a small business and a matter of prestige for big businesses. This is the reason why businesses advertise on social media like Facebook to get more Facebook likes and to get them to join their online community. The same is true for Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms too. They are a means to form a community and stay connected to their fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and various other social media.
Effective Communication With Users
A blog is a very effective means of communicating with your users. The electronic media has no boundaries and it is quick and effective. Unlike the print media, modifications can be done quickly at the click of a button. Don’t have to apologize in your next edition of the error made in your previous one. You can simply edit the post. It is a two way communication method enabling your users to interact with you as they can leave their valuable feedback or opinion on what you have written. You get to know what your user is thinking and what he needs. If he does not like something he or she can express their opinion. This is fantastic and this is exactly what a business wants; to know what their customers are thinking. This can be done so easily and seamlessly with a blog.
Easy To Use
Blogging software is super easy and intuitive to use. Anyone who has basic knowledge of computers and has worked on any word processing software like Word can easily operate a blog. This reduces a company’s expenses in hiring a dedicated professional or a design company to do regular updates to the blog. Anyone suitable from the company itself can be assigned the task to update the blog regularly. With so much free information available online it is super easy to operate as well as maintain a blog, including tasks like backing up the blog data itself.
A blog should be looked at as an indispensable part of a business website, especially when you look at the benefits that accrue from the use of it. It can serve as a medium to reach out to the masses and eventually weave a community around your business. Smart businesses must make use of this tool and take advantage of the opportunities that it offers.

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