Friday, 12 September 2014

Showcasing A Few Responsive Websites Designed by 3KITS

For those who still do not know what a Responsive Website means, I am going to quickly write an overview to acquaint you with the basics of what it is and how it can help you in marketing your website or business. In the meantime, you can also read my article here, A Brief Overview Of Responsive Web Design, if you want to go a little bit more in detail.
Responsive is a technique wherein the website responds to the device width and adjusts to provide an optimal view suited to the device. Therefore, if a user is viewing your website on a Desktop and switches to an iPad, the website would automatically adjust to the new device providing an optimal viewing experience. Why is this important? Well, because there are so many devices in the market today with varying screen sizes. Therefore, it is not practical to create a website for every device. In short, you cannot create a mobile site for every device in the market. Yet, it is so important to be accessible on the mobile platform. Therefore, the solution is Responsive design.
This technology has been around for some time now and yet quite new. Most websites you see today have still not caught up with it and are best viewed on Desktops only. Today I want to showcase a few Responsive websites we have designed. This will not only prove to be an inspiration but also motivate you, as a site / business owner to go Responsive with your own site. To see the sites in action, simply re-size your browser or open the sites on your mobile devices, and notice how they change layout.

Listing below are a few of the Responsive websites designed by 3KITS.

Tibcon Capacitors – India

Ashta Data – USA

Chanti Cars – India

Auto Hire Centre – Australia

Craft Pair – India

Suntek– India