Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Updating Your Website: Time Vs Money

One of the proven keys to success to any website is keeping it updated.
Why? Well who wants to stumble across a website that has latest news from 2005, and we all just love those “upcoming events” that happened 2 years ago. How about those staff photos? How many of those people are still working for your company?
It is also now commonly known that search engines such as Google consider a website regularly updated as more relevant to related keywords or phrases. What does that mean? Well in simple terms if you update your website regularly there is a high chance you’ll benefit from improved search rankings.
Ideally you should update your website at least every 2-3 weeks for optimal results, by doing this, in most instances, search engine crawlers that go through your website will find new or updated information.
So if you want to get serious about having a successful online presence then consider implementing a plan to keep your website up to date.
When devising your website maintenance plan, here are a few points you should consider:
  • What information can you add or change to your website on a regular basis?
    Consider things like news, regular or seasonal promotions, articles & blogs. Also look at the kind of information that your competitors have on their website – how does it compare to yours?
    Start writing any ideas that come to mind right now.
  • Do you (or your staff) have time to update your website (whilst keeping to a regular maintenance plan)?
    If your answer is No, or if you it takes you any longer than 5 seconds to answer that question, then consider getting the website updates done for you.You can look into either organising a web site maintance plan with a website design company or employ someone to do the updates. This is a much more effective solution then having “Update the Website” on your To-Do list for the next 3 months.The benefits of having a regularly updated website should provide a good return on investment if implemented correctly.If your answer is Yes you do have the time to update your own website, then the next obvious question is:
  • Do you have the facility to update your own website?
    If the answer is No, and you geninuely have time available to put into your website then you’re wasting one of the most valuable resources you have.The best solution for a self managed website is to use a content management system (CMS). This provides you with an online administration panel that you can log-in to and update information, add new content plus a whole stack of other available features.If you are happy with the look of your site then you can have your design intergrated into the CMS system or you can have a complete rebuild of your website with a fresh new look.When evaluating the cost of getting a CMS system, then in most instances your website will pay for itself in time with saved maintenance costs for making the changes yourself. But remember a CMS is only effective if you have the time to utilise it – don’t let your web updates end up on your To-Do list.  
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