Friday, 14 November 2014

Microsoft .NET is going Open Source and Cross Platform

.NET and Open Source …  ya heard me!

This week, Microsoft announced it would be opening up more of the .Net framework, under the MIT open source license, to the public.  This includes the CLR, JIT, Garbage Collector and the core .NET base class libraries, all to be hosted on GitHub.  
Earlier this year they had already opened many other important components to the framework like ASP.NET, Entity Frameworks, and others.  It’s bold progress towards transparency, where before we’ve had only black boxes, and embracing a globally spanning development community for collaboration and contributions.

.NET going Cross Platform… what?  Will run on Linux… how?  And OSX… SHUT UP!

No, seriously… cross platform.  Yeah, really… on those guys, aka Linux and OSX.  So, this is kind of like a really, really, and yes really big deal.

Yeah, Mono already “runs” .NET on Linux, but with Microsoft finally committing to a cross platform solution, the two are going to make the impossible, possible.  Every developer will have the freedom to develop and run/host their applications on the (popular) OS and infrastructure of their choosing.  
This isn't the Microsoft we knew growing up with.  Embracing a larger community, who traditionally has been seen as the enemy/competition shows a nothing to fear attitude and the resolve to be an even bigger fish in the biggest of ponds.
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