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How To Design An Ecommerce Website To Increase Sales

The internet is a growing industry. With the advance in technology, more and more people are exposed to internet and learned to use the internet to fulfill their daily requirements. In that e-commerce plays a major role.
Ecommerce means- trading of products and services on the internet. Therefore having the ecommerce shop for your business will definitely increase your sales.
In case, your company do not put up a good ecommerce site, then it is likely that you cannot deliver a better goods and services. So, while designing or approaching a web design company to create an ecommerce website for your business, make sure it is attractive and easily connects the user to the products/service.
1. Must add the eye-catching “Add to Cart” button instead of “Buy Now” button:
If the call-to-action button in ecommerce site is not noticeable or comfortable then definitely it will reduce your profit. So, it is recommended to use the “Add to Cart” button rather than the “Buy now button”.
Add to cart How To Design An Ecommerce Website To Increase Sales
Because, people usually prefer to add the products in their shopping cart instead of buying them immediately. So, must add a bold and noticeable “Add to Cart” button in your site. But make sure, it doesn’t take your customers far away from the product page when they try to add an item in their shopping cart.
If you do not follow this tip while designing for an e-commerce site it will reduce your sales. So, be aware of that. Also concentrate on the color combination of your Shopping Cart. It is also very important.

2. Give Keyword Suggestion To your Customers:

It is important to provide what your customers want exactly. Most of the ecommerce websites fail in their attempt mainly due to this reason. It is recommended to give keyword suggestion when customers searching for a product in your site.
Give Keyword Suggestion To your Customers How To Design An Ecommerce Website To Increase Sales
In addition to that use a auto-complete search bar for fast and accurate search. It will definitely increase your sales.

3. Don’t force your user to sign-up for an order:

Again it is a bad idea, if you force them to sign-up to your account before they place order they may hesitate to do that and exit from your site immediately. So, it will reduce your sales. Instead of that you can ask them after making an order to save their information for future orders or to track the status of their current order.
debenhams checkout How To Design An Ecommerce Website To Increase Sales
Instead of asking them to fill each and every details just offer a login via any social media account like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

4. Don’t hide your Contact Information:

While designing a website for ecommerce website, it is very much important to provide your contact information. In case, if it is not displayed in the appropriate page or hidden somewhere it may reduce your sales.
Dont hide your Contact Information How To Design An Ecommerce Website To Increase Sales
Because, customers expect to deal with a real company when they are giving their credit card information to you while ordering the products. It will increase the trust on you. So, place a 24/7 customer service phone number, email id on your ecommerce site.

5. Provide High Quality Images:

It is very much important to provide the fresh image of your product. Make sure your product image is bigger. Because, the shoppers can’t physically handle the products you are selling, so small images never make them to buy your product.
Along with that instead of just only one image of your single product it is advised to use more than one image. It will again help to increase your sales.

6. Keep an easy navigation:

The customers will search their desired product either through navigation bar or search bar. So, provide an easy and useful navigation don’t confuse them. Before display your products and services on the website, categorize them clearly.
easy navigation How To Design An Ecommerce Website To Increase Sales
Make sure every category has atleast few products. Don’t leave any category as empty. In case, if you have too many category or similar category then put the similar category under the main category as a sub category.
Alternatively, you can use the fly-out menus for too many categories. You can even use the bread crumbs so then the customers can easily trace their way back from where they came. It will definitely give a easy shopping experience to your customers and help to increase your sales.

7. Provide detail product description and information:

If you go to a cloth store, definitely you will check its material, size, design and color. But in the online store you cannot check like that.
questions ask building ecommerce website How To Design An Ecommerce Website To Increase Sales
So, it is very much essential to provide the detailed information of every product so then it will be easy for the customers to order the product.

8. Show the Products Availability clearly:

Availability of products How To Design An Ecommerce Website To Increase Sales
If the customers see that the product is sold out or not available instantly after adding them into their shopping cart then definitely it will disappoint them from your website because of bad design. So, clearly mention its availability. This will help the shoppers to select the product.

9. Have a One-Page Checkout Process:

one step checkout How To Design An Ecommerce Website To Increase Sales
One-page checkout process is a good idea to increase the conversions and also to make the customers to coming back. Don’t make a complicated or long checkout form or 2-3 steps checkout pages. Just make them short as well as simple. Also ensure that a confirmation page is there before submit an order.
Nowadays, many of the users browse through the products through mobile. So,make sure your e-commerce site is responsive.

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