Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Google Analytics and Safe Browsing for user security on websites

Google Webmaster Tools is perhaps the most familiar instrument for web developers like you. The reason why it is so popular among web geeks is because of its Safe Browsing feature. Safe browsing is a cardinal feature of Google Webmaster Tools that alerts website owners, if Google happens to detect anything on your site that may be a threat to visitors. For example, presence of malware in a site, which is a sign of a site being hacked. Thus, Google is making an effort to display hacking notifications via Google Analytics Notifications to all users of Google Analytics.
What you should know about Google Analytics Notifications
Google Analytics is a crucial service offered by Google that displays clean statistical information about measure conversions, traffic sources and sales. It is a widely used service because it will help you in tracking visitors from any and every referrers starting from social networking sites to search engines. Google Analytics Notification performs diagnosis tasks. Certain periodic evaluations of Analytics implementations are conducted by it, along with notifications to ensure quality data performance. It looks for:
  • Certain configuration anomalies for example, goals that have abruptly stopped keeping conversion records
  • Whether proper recording of e commerce data has been made
  • Whether any tracking code is available on your page and whether the codes that are already existing, has been properly configured.
Google Safe Browsing offering internet protection

For over eight years, this feature by Google, has been protecting people in all corners of the web world. They are also looking forward to extending the protection with every passing year. If you are webmaster struggling with security issues, notifications like these would come handy in delivering quick responses to threats. This will help you ascertain your site’s security along with the security of its visitors. Another good news is that, this announcement by Google will also facilitate users who only use Analytics and not Webmaster tools.
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