Thursday, 18 December 2014

10 Design Tips for an Effective Landing Page

Landing pages, sometimes known as “lead capturing pages” can be one of the strongest web tools to get a message out. Unlike full websites that tend to have many moving parts (about sections, product pages, checkout carts, contact pages, and more), the one-page format of a landing page can be the perfect backdrop to convey a clear message. And of course, they aim to achieve one thing in particular: make people click. What they click through to can vary, but it’s usually along the lines of having people sign up for a service, start shopping, learn more about what you offer or visit your main website.

Like in all things web design, there are a few tricks that you can do to make your landing page a star! Today, we’ll be focusing on all the things you should do in order to create a landing page that gets those clicks.
Here are the 10 major ingredients for LP success:

Keep it to One Page

A landing page should be just that: a page. This should not be confused with a mini site with additional pages and elements that will make your landing page more complex, and less likely to convert.

Write Clear CTAs (Call to Actions)

Getting those clicks is dependent on a few different variables (more details on this throughout this post), but having a call to action that is clear, to the point and enticing is key. 

Add Irresistible Buttons

While CTAs provide the text, it’s the buttons that provide the visual punch. Get more eyes on your CTAs with buttons that will be like a magnet to a person’s mouse. You want to leave no doubt that your button is 100% clickable and that people can be ready to progress to the next page. 

Avoid Clutter

It may have been said before but that’s because it’s true: steer very very clear of packing too many images, text, boxes, buttons, icons, clip art, videos and more into the small space that is a landing page. Embracing things like flat design and white space can create some web design magic. Try to keep things on the more minimal side and utilize visual hierarchy for your most important elements and message.

Be Font Consistent

Keeping to a preset of two (maximum three) fonts is a web design must. With so many fun fonts out there and especially with all the great options that the Wix website editor offers, it can sometimes be tempting to try them all out. Any branding expert will tell you this is a big no-no. Simply pick the fonts that work well together to help convey your brand and your message clearly.

Ensure Readability

Those gorgeous fonts you chose won’t count for much if no one can see them. Don’t give your site visitors eye strain! Be sure to go over all the text on your landing page and make sure that it’s easy to read. A good practice is to ask a friend (who doesn’t know the text) to double check for you.

Go with Strong Visual Elements

If you want to get a message across, you’ll be much more likely to do so with more than just words. Conveying a message with text alone is extra hard in today’s market – people want to get at least half of the story through images. 

Add Anchor Links

A great trend to utilize on your landing page is to go with a long scrolling page. However, without the use of anchor links, you will likely frustrate more than a few visitors on your page, and frustration does not convert well. 

Duplicate Your Page

This not only acts like a safety net for your design (it’s always good to have a backup, no?), but it also lets you play around with the different elements to see what works better. This way, you can tweak your landing page to test out different layouts, text, visuals and more to see what converts the best. Duplicating your site will simply save you the hassle of having to start your design from scratch.

Fixed Header

This can be a great way to keep consistency on a long scrolling page. No matter where a person may be on your landing page, their eyes will always have a fixed header in front of them. This means of course that you should put your most important information and messaging in this fixed space. 

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